We all have that one person who has everything and is incredibly hard to buy gifts for. Whether it be your relative, friend or coworker Etch-A-Pic is a unique gift that everyone is blown away by. This post is to give you other ideas whether it be a gift or business marketing idea. Here are a few:

1) Sports Team Photos

With it being summer time, the kids are out of school and most likely playing sports. Whether is be soccer, football, baseball or basketball Etch-A-Pic is a great alternative to your typical “Sports Photos” that you would purchase prints of. Instead of buying prints, why not custom engrave it onto wood for an everlasting memory that you will never forget. Check out our Sports Sample Page to see our example.

2) Animals

We love our animals here at Etch-A-Pic and know that other people do too! That is why Etch-A-Pic is a great gift for all animal lovers. Whether you know someone who is a dog lover, cat lover or any other animal we are here to help create an everlasting memory of them through Etch-A-Pic. This is a great memorial gift as well, for someone who recently lost their animal. With the ability to add custom text to the back, any message you want to put is possible! Check out our Pets Sample Page to see our example.

3) Celebrations

This is the time of the year where people are getting married. What better wedding gift than a custom Etch-A-Pic of the newly married couple? Other celebrations can include:

  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Retirements
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Work Achievements
  • And MORE!

Check out our Celebrations Sample Page to see an example.

4) Real Estate

Do you know of someone purchasing a new home? Or maybe you are a Real Estate Agent with a local brokerage. Etch-A-Pic is here to help give that memorable moment captured in time. Not only is it a great gift, but you have the capability of putting your brokerage logo on the front and a custom message on the back with your information as well. This is a great advertising/marketing piece that will serve for many years to come. Learn more by checking out our Real Estate Sample Page to see an example.